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A beautiful piece about love


He saw you and fell in love with you He asked you to be his girlfriend
and you accepted him he was so fond of you you both went to
everywhere together took pictures of yourselves, spent lots of time together
Weeks passed, months and everything seemed perfect He couldn’t
stay a day without setting his eyes on you He introduced you to his friends
as his girlfriend and the woman he would love to get married to He showed
you love, care and did everything to make sure you were happy You
went on a date with your friends met this new guy who developed interest in
you he said you were beautiful told you all the see you fell for it
you both got hooked up things started to change You start comparing
him with your guy he’s more handsome than your man he has a car
and looks more wealthier you try all means to make your man get tired of
you so you could ask for a break you succeeded you’re now with the
new guy forgetting everything your man did for you you never knew he’s a
player and has a fiancee he’s intending to marry you found out
you’re heart broken you wanna go back to your man but it’s late he
has moved on now you’ve lost a diamond while trying to chase a
stone… that’s when you know the difference between LOVE and LUST..
# Notethis!!!
*Once a guy’s heart gets broken.. He finds it hard to love again..
*Never compare your man to someone else
*Try to build your man to the person you want.

One Comment to A beautiful piece about love

  1. Becky says:

    true talk,really love this

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