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A cheating wife and her lovers

One day a man came back early from his office.
He was shocked to see his wife with another
He told his wife to go out of the
room. Then he said to the guy, “what are you
doing here?” the guy replied “I love your wife &
she loves me too.”
To this the man said “I know that my wife loves
me & not you.”
After a long conversation they decided “well lets
hold our guns & fire at each other & pretend to
be dead. She will mourn for the guy she loves
the most& the other person will get out of their
The wife heard the gunshots, she came into the
room, shocked and surprised, stood staring at
both the dead bodies.
Suddenly she started laughing out loudly,
rejoicing and shouted “James get out of that
wardrobe, these 2 idiots are dead now!”
If u were the husband what will
u do???

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